KOR Teeth Whitening

Teeth yellowing can occur from drinking coffee, tea or wine, eating certain foods, smoking or just age. Although there are many teeth whitening solutions, they can either be expensive, time consuming or impermanent and need to be repeated several times. That is why the KOR whitening system has proven to be a preferred whitening system.

The KOR teeth whitening system is the only permanent whitening solution. In fact, it is the only product that can whiten tetracycline damaged teeth, which often result in deep-brown stains. Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, this system is praised by dentists around the world. This system restores oxygen in the teeth, removing all stains and discoloration.

KOR whitening is also unique because it is both an in-office and at-home procedure. The initial treatments will be given by your dentist, after which you will be given whitening gel to apply every night at home. Once the gel is finished, you will only be required to wear your KOR-Seal trays one night a month. The trays are thin and designed to fit comfortably so they will not interfere with sleep. For those with deeply stained teeth, the KOR Accelerated Maintenance System should help achieve a brilliant smile.

This teeth whitening gel is set apart because of the proprietary nature of the gel, but also because the whitening trays have a very snug fit, which means that teeth don’t come in contact with saliva which can weaken the whitening strength. Furthermore, KOR requires refrigeration from the time it is manufactured until the time it is used on teeth, so the chemicals do not lose their potency.

A common question asked, is whether anyone can use KOR. As long as the patient is older than 14 they can use this whitening system. Younger teeth will get whiter faster but even people as old as 90 can restore their smiles using this gel.

This is a genuine concern. It is possible to over-whiten your teeth causing an awkward appearance of the teeth. The best way to determine to what shade your teeth should be whitened to is to work with your dentist. Based on your skin tone your dentist can come up with the best shade of white for you and then determine the amount of paste needed to achieve it. When you get home make sure to follow the whitening instructions provided by the dentist.

Unfortunately the answer is yes; if you have crowns and veneers, you may not be a candidate for this whitening gel. If you do use the system, you may have to replace some or all of your crowns or veneers. It is best to talk to your Baton Rouge dentist about alternative whitening options.

Before discussing cost, it is important to mention that this treatment can only come from a dentist. Unlike other whitening products that are sold over the counter, KOR requires you to make an appointment with your dentist to get the first phase of the treatment. Our in-house price for KOR Whitening is $500. This is an excellent price once quality is taken into account.